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World Cup Soccer Drill - SoccerXpert

The World Cup Soccer game is a great drill to work on game-like situations while numbers down. Inside the penalty box, set up four groups of three players in pennies. Set your goalkeeper in a full-size goal. The coach should have a supply of soccer balls nearby.

World Cup Soccer Drill | Sideline Soccer

World Cup Gather players in front of one of the goal areas. The goalkeeper should take his or her place in the goal. If there is more than one goalkeeper, they can switch between... Players should pair up in twos or threes, forming several “teams”. Have each team decide what country they’d like to ...

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World Cup - Shooting Drill - Soccer-Drills.net

Instructions Each team will be working together to score and deny other teams from scoring as well. Once a team has scored they take a seat by the goal waiting for the next round. The last team to score each round is out of the game. When you get down to the last two teams 2 goals for one team wins ...

The World Cup Game for End-of-Practice Fun | ACTIVEkids

The World Cup Game is a great way to play a different kind of soccer game and reward a good day. Set aside 10-15 minutes at the end of practice--if they deserve the reward--and turn it into a fun competition.> More: Drill of the Week: Soccer Passing Drill for Kids. How to Play . Make sure players are divided up into multiple teams of two.

This backyard soccer drill is great! It is called World Cup ...

The basic idea to this backyard soccer drill will be for the player to pass the ball at their feet toward the soccer ball balanced on top of the cone. If the player knocks the ball off they will receive two points, if they touch the ball without it falling off they receive one point.

CoachUp Nation | Weekend Fun: The World Cup Drill

The games and drills we feature here will range from demanding to casual, but you'll love them all the same. Perhaps the best part about the World Cup Drill is that you can do it anywhere, anytime, and with any amount of players, all you'll need is: A net; A goalie; And a couple of soccer balls depending on the amount of competitors

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World Cup Headers Heading - Soccer Drills, Soccer | Sportplan

Soccer World Cup Headers Heading Groups of 4 players are paired and stationed on the sides of the area as shown in the diagram. Each team takes on the identity of a World Cup Team. The object of the game is to head the ball past the opposing team and over the opposing goal line. The player in possession serves the