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Value Soccer Betting Tips. Welcome to the World of Value Soccer Betting Tips.. Here you will find high odds soccer predictions, from the best online soccer betting site.

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Expected Value = (Bookmaker's odds / True odds) - 1. If the true odds are 2.00 and the bookmaker’s odds are 2.10, this means the EV is 0.05, or 5%. If the true odds are 4.00 and the bookmaker’s odds are 3.50, the expected value is -0.125, or -12.5%. Serious bettors are only interested if the expected value is greater than 0%, or when the bookmaker offers odds that are longer than the true odds.

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BTFOdds: Free Value Bets for Soccer, Tennis, and Basket.

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Value bets mean that you are being offered to make bets with a high value of the possible outcome. For example, the odds of at least 2.00 are very often described as value bets. Our professional team of tipsters and analyzers is doing hard work in finding the best possible value soccer bets.

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Value Bets Help: Value bets listed above provide tips on matches that you can bet on with mathematical advantage. Our value bets are calculated from bookmaker's market difference in comparison to its competing companies. Betting with value included in the bets should lead to long-term profits.

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Value Soccer Picks. The Value Rating column above gives you a star indicator out of 5. This is calculated by comparing the % of picks on a selection with the odds of that selection. If the percentage of picks is higher than the chances according to the odds, that is a sign that the selection could be a value bet.

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This is a value bet. Why? This is how we calculate a value bet: Value = (Probability * Decimal Odds) – 1; Value = 1.05 – 1; If the value is greater than 0, then we have found a value bet; So in our example, do we have a value bet? Value = 0.05; So betting on the coin to land on heads at odds of 2.10 is a value bet.

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Naturally, some customers will not want to bet at odds of 1.10 as they would realistically need to gamble £100 in order to land a return of £110 although the principle still applies that 1.10 is a value price and that the bet stands a greater than 90% chance of winning.