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Dealer - Poker Definition | 888poker

A dealer is someone who deals cards for the purposes of a poker game. Poker games in casinos typically involve a designated dealer. In home games, the responsibility for dealing the cards often revolves around the table clockwise along with the dealer button. The term dealer may hence also be user to describe the player who occupies the button position at the table.

Poker Dealer Jobs & Careers - Everything You Need To Know

Being a poker dealer can be an extremely rewarding job, but to ensure you get the most out of the industry you'll want to make sure that you have the right skill set. From a practical perspective...

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The dealer must verify the amount of bets and raises by players, collect folded hands, maintain side pots, and read players' hands at showdown to identify the winner or winners. In games with a rake, the dealer also must keep track of the amount of money in the pot and remove the appropriate amount for the house.

How to Deal Texas Hold'em Poker as a Poker Dealer (Cards & Chips)

January 1 2017. Poker World. The individual responsible for dealing players’ hole cards and community cards during a hand, as well as managing the pot and bets made during the various rounds of betting, is called a poker dealer. Whether this responsibility shifts from player to player at a home game or is given to a stand-alone person (such as those poker dealers at cardrooms or casinos), the poker dealer’s job is an important one in order to make gameplay run swiftly and smoothly from ...

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How to Become A Good Poker Dealer | Tips On Becoming A Pro

A poker dealer is a person that keeps the game of poker moving. This requires the individual to have a working knowledge of the game, an excellent mathematical skill, and great interpersonal skill. They are the ones who will shuffle the deck, deal the cards, get the community cards, and collect folded hands.

Become a Certified Poker Dealer | Earning a Living through Poker

The most common way to become a certified poker dealer is to take a class on dealing poker. The length of poker dealing classes varies from as little as two weeks to as many eight weeks. The price of the classes varies almost as much as the length required in them.

Learning How to Deal Poker: the Ultimate Guide for Beginners

In poker, the dealer button is used to denote the player who is currently considered a dealer or, if we’re talking about casino games, the player who acts the last on that deal. Whenever a hand (round) is completed in poker, the dealer button will move one position to the left.

Casino Poker for Beginners: The Deal With the Dealer Button ...

A dealer button is used for all forms of poker in which the opportunity to act last in each round of betting — a distinct advantage when it comes to poker strategy — rotates around the table ...