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MOV - Margin of Victory; the formula is PTS - Opp PTS . ORtg - Offensive Rating (available since the 1977-78 season in the NBA); for players it is points produced per 100 posessions, while for teams it is points scored per 100 possessions. This rating was developed by Dean Oliver, author of Basketball on Paper.

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Basketball Vocabulary Word List (317) A) Ability, Accusation, Active, Advantage, Aggressive, Alternate, Announcement, Assist, Assistance, Athlete, Athletics, Attempt, Attendance, Attraction, Averages. B) Balance, Ball, Basketball, Battle, Benefit, Berth, Best, Body, Bones, Bounce, Breath, Breathe, Buzzer. C)

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take it to the hole: To drive toward the basket in an attempt to score. trey: A made field goal from behind the three-point arc, worth three points. 21: A game in which any number of players can play. The player who has the ball attempts to score while all other players defend.

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NBA & ABA, WNBA, NBL, G League, and top International players. Includes indexed lists of players. International leagues include top European leagues and EuroLeague and EuroCup competitions, as well as China's CBA, Australia's NBL, and Men's Olympics.

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Season Points, Career Rebounds, Active Assists, Yearly Steals, Progressive Blocks ... Or, view "Trailers" for Season Field Goal Pct, or Career Blocks Per Game. NBA Scores. Yesterday's Games and Scores from any date in BAA/NBA or ABA history.

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where: Team_Defensive_Rating = 100 * (Opponent_PTS / Team_Possessions) D_Pts_per_ScPoss = Opponent_PTS / (Opponent_FGM + (1 - (1 - (Opponent_FTM / Opponent_FTA))^2) * Opponent_FTA*0.4) Notes: In a later chapter of Basketball on Paper, Oliver emphasized that Offensive Ratings shouldn't be viewed in a vacuum.

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Incarnate Word Cardinals: San Antonio, Texas: 2014: 2021: 8: 226: 98: 128.434-13.39-6.80: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 176: Indiana Hoosiers: Bloomington, Indiana: 1901: 2021: 121: 2945: 1865: 1080.633: 13.90: 8.16: 28: 22: 0: 39: 8: 5: 177: Indiana State Sycamores: Terre Haute, Indiana: 1900: 2021: 99: 2224: 1149: 1075.517-0.18: 1.87: 1: 2: 3: 4: 1: 0: 178: Iona Gaels: New Rochelle, New York: 1954: 2021: 68: 1867: 1047: 820.561-4.10-3.61: 1: 11: 13: 15: 0: 0: 179: Iowa Hawkeyes

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“Doke” or “Dok” are both used interchangeably, though basketball-reference lists the nickname with an e. Donovan Mitchell – Spider, Spida. There’s nothing necessarily boring about Donovan Mitchell’s nicknames, other than the fact that they are now used interchangeably with his actual name.

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Search through box score and advanced game statistics spanning from 2010-11 to today that match your criteria. Search through NCAA Tournament Game results spanning from 1939 to today for single games or combined games that match your criteria. Search NCAA Division I matchups and game results going back to 1949-50.