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bullying. A rtic le. RE D BANK, New Jersey (Achieve3000, August 12, 2020). Shoes. squeaked, fans shrieked, and a buzzer blared. A young basketball fan named Anthony Ianni put his hands over his ears to drown out the game's frenzied soundtrack. He'd attended basketball games since he was a toddler and had been playing the game just as long.

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Bullying and Basketball: Keep Bullying out of Sports | ACTIVE

Bullies target the skilled players as well as the weak. A jealous teammate may rally other members of her basketball team against a talented player. Such bullying may stem from competition for a coveted spot on the team. Successfully bullying a rival out of a team eliminates competition for the position.

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Sports does not have the market on bullying in school settings. “… a lesson in weeding out the weak, a lesson that teaches players to do whatever it takes to stay on top.” A sport, whether ...

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Players leave court mid-game to confront bully of cheerleader ...

Basketball team protects disabled cheerleader from bullies. A group of middle school basketball players walked off the court in the middle of a game when they heard bullying coming from the stands ...

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5. Cruz thinks that it is funny to stage an attack on several of the basketball players walking home from practice. The basketball players don’t think it is funny. Compare the values of the basketball players with those of Cruz. 6. Do you think that the contract is fair? What does your opinion say about your values?