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Basic Violations in Volleyball. Consecutive Contacts. A player may not hit the ball 2 times consecutively except when blocking, provided the contacts take place simultaneously. However, a player may make consecutive contacts on the teams first team contact, provided the contacts occur during one action. Four Hits.

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1. You can jump and place your arms, hands and shoulders over the net to stop a hitter or setter from attacking the ball into your court. But... a volleyball player can't touch the net on the way up or on the way down with any parts of the body while the ball is in play. YouTube.

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These two mistakes most often happen when a player has the improper form in the approach to their block. If they are jumping horizontally instead of vertically, they can travel too close to the net and accidentally bump into it or step over the centerline. Back Row Block. Blockers can also be called for a back row blocking violation.

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22. In Beach Volleyball, Blocking Is A Hit. When you compete at the net in beach volleyball, your block counts as 1 of your team’s 3 hits. The blocker can have the next contact, just like in indoor volleyball, but then there will be only 1 hit left to play the ball over. 23. No Back Row Players

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Volleyball violations happen because the server will do everything to make it difficult for you or one your passer's to pass the ball perfectly up to your setter. (Richard Yuan) They are going to serve as tough or as strategically as possible to force a passing error so your team cannot run an offensive play against them.

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Hitting and Blocking Violations. Only one player can hit the ball at a time. Players attempting a spike, or kill, have to keep the ball inbounds. Catching or throwing the ball isn't allowed, and a referee can call carrying if the ball appears to be in a player's hands too long.

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Illegal Substitution. Players can only exit and re-enter the game once per set and must return to his original position. If teams go over the allowed number of substitutions or attempt to change a returning player's position, they will be charged with illegal substitution. This counts as a game delay. Previous Next.

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Blocking Faults. The blocker contacts the ball in the opponent’s space before or during the opponent’s attack hit. Penalty: Side-Out; A back-row player or Libero participates in a completed block. Penalty: Side-Out; A player blocks the opponent’s service. Penalty: Side-Out; A ball lands “out” off a player’s block. Penalty: Side-Out